DIY Your Custom Flowers
If you are dreaming of a DIY wedding, and want a hand in your own wedding flowers for the day, we can help with that! Meredith will meet with you for an initial consult, in which you will design your wedding package. Then, 1-2 days before your wedding, Meredith will bring you your flowers and help you assemble everything! A perfect pre wedding activity for your family or bridal party that will help cut down on your costs!
Zero Hassle
Does DIY sound like your worst nightmare? Meet with Meredith for an initial consult and then don’t worry about it again! Flowers will be delivered on site the day of your wedding.
About Meredith
Meredith started creating wedding florals for her own wedding in 2015. Making their own bouquets was a really fun bridal party activity the day before the wedding. From there, the occasional friend would ask for help with their wedding, until it became a regular occurrence and eventually a business. Meredith is a florist by night and a middle school band director by day. She spends her time chasing after two sweet children with her husband.
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